Miagui Imagevertising

3D, Illustration, Retouch , Photography

Miagui is a creative production studio, focused on advertising images. We carry quality, innovation and creativity in our DNA and our main goal is to release the shackles of the creating process.
Our multidisciplinary team is formed by professionals specializing in several different fields, such as photography, CGI, illustration and retouching. We believe in a planned production that allows us to gather individual specialists working in organized tasks. By focusing on a common goal, we can explore the limits of each technique and reach for  higher levels in every new job.
Our projects are managed through a pre defined workflow, which means the Art Buyer and the Art Director are free to work on what really matters. This makes the production process easily manageable, however complex the project may be. Adding knowledge from different areas such as technology, communication and art, regardless of the technique, our goal is to bring good ideas to life.

Country: Brazil

City: Porto Alegre

Address: Rua Felicissimo de Azevedo, 807

Email: miagui@miagui.cc

Phone: +55 51 3023.2379

Website: Miagui Imagevertising

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