Raygun Studio

3D, Motion, Retouch

Raygun Studio was founded by graphic designer and CGI artist Michael Tompert, creating one-of-a-kind iconic images and motion for brand identities and campaign heroes, which has earned it a place in Luerzer’s ‘200 Best Digital Artists in the World’.

Raygun’s projects reflect Michael’s designer sensibilities – delivering a memorable and strong first read to stand out on a mobile phone, yet with depth and layers of complexity revealed when closing in on a 20-foot tradeshow display.

The studio has grown to a collective of 10 creatives who “get their kicks” from going deep with the latest CGI technology for generating images, “yet not worrying too much about the “how”, for in the end, it’s all about the “wow”.

Raygun Studio has over 10 years of experience working with design and advertising agencies for global brands including Apple, Disney, Ford, Gap,
Gillette, HP and, just within the last year Nike, Microsoft, Pepsi and Samsung.

Country: United States

City: Palo Alto

Address: 415 High Street, Atelier

Email: info@raygunstudio.com

Website: Raygun Studio

Twitter: Twitter

Instagram: Instagram

Youtube: Youtube

Job openings at Raygun Studio

Always looking for talented CGI artists/Image Makers with a background in design or creative retouching and looking at books, prefer face-to-face meetings.

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